Better Wine Project

Not only did Jesus turn water into wine, but he brought out the better wine at the end of the party. Better Wine Project is a conversation between friends Jake Blakeney and Justin Woods. They believe that the best years of life are ahead and not behind.

Better Wine Project S2E8 - Name It Claim It

In a culture where people have everything at their fingertips, we must come to grips with the fact that God is not a vending machine and that the Gospel isn't designed to just get you what you want.  In fact, walking with God doesn't mean that everything will go smooth and life will be easy.


"Americans’ total credit card debt continues to climb in 2017, reaching an estimated $905 billion — a nearly 8% increase from the previous year — according to a NerdWallet analysis."  Check out the entire article.

Their story of how they kept their faith in God after experiencing the loss of their son Jet inspired me so much in a time when I felt lost in my faith. This song, as well as the Let It Echo album revived my spiritual life and I hope their story can guide you to the plans God has for you in your life.
Shark Tank winners Rick and Melissa Hinnant talk about how they started their $7 million business after the sudden loss of their baby.

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And finally, a link to the most important article we referenced in this episode: Kenneth Copeland In A Real Pickle After Audience Member Names, Claims His Private Jet