Better Wine Project

Not only did Jesus turn water into wine, but he brought out the better wine at the end of the party. Better Wine Project is a conversation between friends Jake Blakeney and Justin Woods. They believe that the best years of life are ahead and not behind.

Better Wine Project S1E8 - Microadventure

Climbing Everest, hiking the A.T., surfing the Pacific...these would all be great, but the reality is that adventures like these require more time and money than most of us have.  Since we're wired for adventure, it's important to find ways that are more easily attainable...things that are right in your backyard and on the cheap.  Jake and Justin talk about some of the things they do to find (micro)adventure.

We mention Aaron McHugh and the Work Life Play Podcast during this episode.  To check him out, click here.  Or, search for Work Life Play on iTunes.

Oddly enough, we brought up Staple while talking about #wetcouches  Give them a listen anyway.  Prepare to have your face melted.